The Lotto Black Book • Larry Blair Lotto Black Book Review

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The Lotto Black Book | Larry Blair Lotto Black Book Review
The Lotto Black Book | Larry Blair Lotto Black Book Review

Larry Blair Lotto Black Book Review - Overview

Title:  The Lotto Black Book

Author:  Larry Blair, Professor of Mathematics

Content: The most complete, up to date version -

Format:  PDF eBook

Delivery:  Online -- Download

Price:  $96.83   (Don't settle for a discounted version)

Website:  CLICK HERE to visit the official website

The Lotto Black Book Download Includes:

  •  The Lotto Black Book, eBook, by Larry Blair
  •  Winning strategies that work anywhere in the world, for any lottery game
  •  Two Bonus eBooks
    •  All The Odds: Lotto Odds Exposed
    •  The Lottery Wheel Bonus: Insider Wheel Secrets
  •  Access to Larry Blair, himself, via email

About the Author of The Lotto Black Book:

Larry Blair is an Oklahoma mathematics professor who has always loved numbers, and who became intrigued by the probability process involved in lottery games. For eight years he studied the archives of winning numbers from numerous lotteries, searching for lotto patterns. Through that research he discovered how to dramatically multiply the chances for winning the various lottery games. As a result, he has won the lottery on several occasions and he is now a millionaire.

Along the way, he experienced a life altering event. Because his numerous winnings brought attention to him, he was attacked one day in a parking lot by a couple of men who demanded that he turn over his secret of winning. Although he did get away due to fortuitous circumstances, he received a gunshot wound in his left leg.

He believes that God saved him that day, and he promised then that he would share his winning strategies, and that he would donate large portions of his winnings to his community. In fact, he even donates the earnings from sales of The Lotto Black Book to libraries. You can read more about his story on his official website.


From cover to cover, the Larry Blair Lotto Black Book is jam-packed with solid information about playing the lottery, not by luck, but by skills that can be learned by anyone who bothers to read his work and put the information into action.

If you are a novice who has never before played any lottery games, you will benefit from his step-by-step introduction to lottery play, and in no time you will be speaking the terms that expert lottery players use. If you have been playing the lottery for some time now, but would like to win far more often, then you will want to jump right into the various strategies that the Larry Blair Lotto Black Book lays out in a very easy to understand manner.

Larry Blair Lotto Black Book Review
Bonus 1:
Lotto Odds Exposed
Larry Blair Lotto Black Book Review
Bonus 2:
Insider Wheel Secrets

While the author does try to explain the deeper mathematics behind the strategies in lay terms, The Lotto Black Book is not meant to be a math text book. It is not about understanding complex theorems or formulae. However, some understanding of statisitics and probability and the lottery is very helpful, and that is what Blair provides in simple terms, simple enough for anyone to understand.

What you get is a comprehensive, yet simple, understanding of what it takes to pick winning lottery numbers consistently for various lottery games, from Pick 3 to Mega Millions. Blair reveals exactly the way he plays the lottery, step-by-step. I wish I could tell you more about it here, without violating copyright laws, but when you see it for yourself, I believe you will be blown away like I was.

Reader Feedback:

The reader reviews for the Larry Blair Lotto Black Book, by those who have actually read the book and applied the strategies it reveals, are overwhelmingly positive, and the return rate for the book is astoundingly low, less than 1%. The reason for that is simple; the strategies actually work. I know that firsthand. I have seen them work, over and over again. Please check out Our Results.

We did come across one old forum thread in which several people make fun of Larry Blair and his book. However, it is clear that these forum participants had neither read the book nor applied its principles for themselves. Maybe one or more of them has actually read The Lotto Black Book by now, and speak differently about it today.

We have read some complaints about typos in the text, and there are a couple, but our take is that the quality of the information itself far outweighs the presence of a couple typos. We have also read some complaints about the price, which is just under $100.00. Actually, that price is peanuts for what you get. I personally paid the full price, and I'd pay it again gladly. The book more than paid for itself with our lottery winnings within the first three days just playing Pick 3 with $0.50 tickets. Again, see Our Results.

Who Will Benefit From the Larry Blair Lotto Black Book?

Anyone who plays the lottery can benefit from The Lotto Black Book, whether you are an experienced player or a complete novice. And, it doesn't matter where you are in the world, because the mathematics are the same everywhere, being a universal language.

So many people go into grocery stores or convenience stores everyday to buy tickets that they play with only the slim hope of winning by some stroke of extraordinary luck. What a difference it makes when you buy tickets with confidence that your numbers, chosen by learned skills, are far more likely to win, because you are building a proven track record of winning consistently.

Our Recommendation:

It should be obvious by now that the Larry Blair Lotto Black Book comes with our highest recommendation, because we have put it to the test, and we are continuing to "test" it, and it really works! And I know that it will work for you, too. All you need is the book, a pen and paper, and you will soon be collecting lottery payouts much sooner than you ever thought possible. Of course, you can always get the awesome "Lottery Circle" Software to do all of that pen and paper work for you, but you don't really need it, at least not at the very beginning. However, please know that the "Lottery Circle" Software works hand in glove with Blair's teachings.

What's more, because The Lotto Black Book is sold through ClickBank, you get an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, just send ClickBank an email within the first 60 days, and your money will be refunded hassle-free, no questions asked. ClickBank has built its solid reputation on this ironclad guarantee policy.

You do not even need to contact Larry Blair. Just send ClickBank an email. However, if you put forth a good faith effort, reading his book and applying his teachings, and still do not win some nice lottery payouts during those first 60 days, you will want to contact Larry Blair, because he will give you an additional $100 for your time and effort. He is that sure that you will become able to pick winning lottery numbers consistently by using the strategies that he teaches, and so am I.

As you can see, your investment is totally safe, and you have nothing to lose. Are you ready for your winnings to skyrocket?

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The Lotto Black Book | Larry Blair Lotto Black Book Review

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The Lotto Black Book | Larry Blair Lotto Black Book Review

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