How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

"How does it feel to win for a change?"

When my friend, Stu, told me that he was learning how to pick winning lottery numbers consistently, like anyone else would be, I was skeptical at first. Still, he insisted, telling me excitedly about the lottery secrets revealed in an ebook he bought.

He got my interest when he laid a sheet of paper in front of me with his notes scribbled on it, showing the numbers he had played and his earnings over the past week. Okay, he was only playing Pick 3, but he had cleared over $400.00! Yes, that got my interest.

My next question was why he was telliing me about it, if he was really on to some winning strategies. Isn't that the kind of thing one keeps under his hat?

He explained that there are hundreds, even thousands of winners, large and small, every single day. Just because you are a winner does not mean that I cannot be a winner, too. And, that news is just too good not to share with family and friends.

So, with visions of winning dancing in my head, yet still constrained by a healthy dose of skepticism, I bought The Lotto Black Book on the internet to see if I, too, might learn how to pick winning lottery numbers by applying the teachings offered by the author, Larry Blair.

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Within a couple of minutes after purchasing The Lotto Black Book, it was up on my monitor in PDF format, and my son and I began to devour the information hungrily. I must say, even if you have never before played any lottery games, you will learn all of the basics, all of the terminology that advanced players use, and most importantly, you will learn to choose and play your numbers intelligently, instead of relying just on dumb luck..

Still, the proof is in the results, so we set out to test the lottery knowledge in the book systematically, beginning with the daily Pick 3 draws. If you have not yet played any lottery games, you have a lot of fun in store. It's challenging, and it can be very exciting. Of course, it's a lot more fun to play when you win more often, when your wins are based on the skills that you have learned and applied. We are having a lot of fun putting Larry Blair's strategies to work, and with the help of his book we are seeing ways to develop our own strategies for how to pick winning lottery numbers, and we will continue to put The Lotto Black Book to the test.

But, are we winning? You can see Our Results for yourself. We have not yet won the big one (I hope I get to edit those words one day soon), but we sure won't turn down the lesser prizes in the meantime. Let me just say for now that we are smiling!

How About You? Would You Like to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers, Too?

Pick Winning Lottery Numbers • Lottery Secrets Revealed

Of course. Who wouldn't? But, can the teaching laid out in The Lotto Black Book help you do that? The answer is, yes, indeed they can, but I do not expect anyone to accept that on face value. After all, don't we all know that the lottery is a game of chance, and each and every draw is random? Doesn't each number have an equal chance of being drawn, every time a number is drawn? Well, not really, and that is why we can turn playing a game of chance into a skill.

There is no way to get around randomness completely, of course. Otherwise, we could have a system that can pick winning lottery numbers every time we play.

Wouldn't that be nice? Well maybe, but then the game would no longer be a game. The fact remains that there will always be that element of randomness in playing the lottery, no matter what system you might use. On the bright side, that is what keeps the game exciting and fun to play, namely, beating the odds.

The Key Is In The Math

Yet, playing the game is a lot more fun when you can dramatically improve your odds of winning. The Lotto Black Book can help you do that, because the author, Larry Blair, a mathematics professor, recognizes that even within events that seem random, there is an overarching order. So, when past winning number combinations are processed mathematically, patterns or trends emerge, showing that certain numbers actually have a greater or lesser probability of being drawn. From those patterns future winning number combinations can be extrapolated far more often than luck alone could ever achieve, and that is what is behind the lottery secrets revealed in the book, from which anyone can learn how to pick winning lottery numbers far more often than by luck alone.

While Larry Blair does his best to explain how all of that works in his book, thank goodness it isn't necessary to understand all of the deeper mathematics behind his winning strategies. All you really need to do is put the strategies to work for yourself, and start collecting some winning lottery payouts sooner than you may have dreamed possible--which means nearly right away. We won $28 the very first game we played using only the first strategy provided by The Lotto Black Book, and we are winning consistently. Again, check out Our Results. From our Pick 3 winnings, we are financing our other lottery gameplay.

RISK FREE, 60 Day DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee

One more thing: Larry Blair is so sure that you, too, can learn how to pick winning lottery numbers, he cheerfully offers a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days from date of purchase. And for good measure, he will also give you an additional $100, if you can show that you applied the teachings in his book and still did not win a good payout during those first two months. He is that sure you will quickly win back far more than the price of the book, and so am I.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying The Lotto Black Book, and everything to gain. Make your dreams come true, and have a lot of fun doing it by learning how to pick winning lottery numbers with the lottery knowledge revealed by Larry Blair, relying on learned skills instead of luck alone.

"Who Else Wants To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers Consistently?"

How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers • Lottery Secrets Revealed

Greatly multiply your chances of winning the lottery

Pick winning lottery numbers by skill, not dumb luck

Simple instructions even a 7 year old can understand

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RISK FREE, 60-day double your money back guarantee

How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers • Lottery Secrets Revealed

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